ISD Academy, ISD Sports Academy

athletics Overview

ISD Athletics is based at ISD’s Sports Park 2,500-seat stadium, which is home to a world-class, Olympic-standard 9-lane running track where our athletes can train short-distance sprints, long-distance runs, hurdles, and relays. Surrounding the track are coveted, world-class facilities for high jump, long jump, and triple jump, as well as professionally-maintained grass areas for throws, including javelin, shot put, and discuss!

The comprehensive programs uplift each athlete's abilities by building on their strengths, while placing a focus on areas that need the most improvement. Using measurement tools in the ISD Sports Science Performance Lab, we can gain a complete understanding of each athlete’s specific strengths and weaknesses. As they correct their fundamentals and develop strength, the lab provides analytic measurements to track overall progress of each athlete. This allows everyone to develop elite fundamentals that are effective across multiple track and field events.

A student athlete working on his technique at ISD Athletics Academy

Technology & Facilities

• Olympic standard, 9-lane, 400-meter running track
• Top-notch high jump, long jump, and triple jump facilities
• Indoor turf field for speed and agility work on days with inclement weather

Dashr: laser timing system equipped with up to four timing gates for sprints or long-distance runs with splits - used by professional athletes around the world

ISD Sports Science Performance Lab: state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility focused on optimizing athletic performance through baseline testing and periodic measurement followed by sport-specific, personalized training program to attack deficiencies and maximize strengths, whole-body cryotherapy, oxygen and hydrogen therapy, compression remedy, magneto therapy, and infrared sauna

ISD Sports Science Medical Clinic: Sports Physiotherapy, Osteopathy,REHABILITATION,RECOVERY,Nutrition & Diet,Sports Massage

Athletics Program Structure

First Term (14 weeks)
3 Phases of training

General Preparation (6 weeks)
• General strength / conditioning
• Fundamentals correcting/teaching
• Lifting heavy and high volume
• Acceleration running mechanics
• Peak Power development
• Baseline measurements/assessments

Specific Preparation (6 weeks)
• Event specific training
• Focused drills towards exclusive skills of events
• Focused lifting on stabilizing muscles
• Max velocity running mechanics

Competition Tapering (2 weeks)
competitions throughout the season
Main competitions at end of first term (indoor season championships)
Volume of training decreases

Break with 2 weeks of Rest

Second Term (17 weeks)
4 Phases of training

General Prep (1 week)
• get bodies back to where they left off

Specific Prep 1 (4 weeks)
• work on intermediate applicable drills and consistency
• Max velocity running mechanics
• speed endurance training

Competition 1 (4 weeks)
• Applicable lifting to keep Central Nervous System Firing correctly
• Volume of training levels off with a focus on maintenance

Spec. Prep 2 (4 weeks)
• Advanced drills and final tweaks
• Max velocity mechanics
• Speed endurance training
• Maximum consistency is goal
Competition 2 (4 weeks) • Culmination of efforts
• Championship season

development process

Student athletes training at the ISD Athletics Academy under the watchful eyes of their coaches

ISD Academy Athletics provides a platform for premier athletes to elevate their abilities through the application of experienced Olympic-level coaching and biomechanics technique enhancements. Student-athletes receive individualized training plans and focus on intricate development cycles inclusive of base training, pre and post-competition, and regeneration. Our programs supply top athletes with a pathway to pursue professional careers in athletics through college scholarships in the UK or United States.

International Competition

ISD athletic academy

Twice during the school year, ISD Athletics take an all-expenses-paid trip internationally to go head-to-head against the top athletes in track and field meets. The first trip to Great Britain will be a great opportunity for professional scouting, and a trip to the United States allows our players to show their talents to college coaches in the area. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any hopeful track and field athlete to get the exposure they need to make it at the next level. Coach Andy Turner, a 3-time Olympian and world-renowned hurdler for Team Great Britain, utilizes his connections throughout Europe to get our ISD athletes in front of the college and professional level teams and coaches that fit the skill level of each player.

Coaching Staff

ISD Athletics coaches are proven athletes with a tremendous history of success in their craft. Coach Andy Turner is a three-time Olympian with Great Britain, also medaling in the 110m hurdles in the Commonwealth Games, the European Championships, the World Championships, and the Continental Cup. Coach Martyn Bernard, another Great Britain Olympian, competed in the high jump and brings a wealth of knowledge in field events to our ISD Athletics program.

3 time Olympian Andy Turner coach at ISD athletics academy

andy turner

Head Coach

Former Olympian Martyn Bernard coach at ISD athletics academy

Martyn Bernard

Field Events Coach